Engineered Parking Systems


Flat Rate Pay-on-Foot System Using a Token Dispenser and Token Acceptor
Token dispensers are an economical way to charge a flat rate for parking. The token dispenser can be programmed to give change and dispense a metal token to be used to exit the parking facility.

System Operation:

A Token Dispenser is programmed with a fixed parking fee.

Using cash or credit card, the patron pays the fee and receives change in coin and a metal token used exit the lot. At the exit, the patron inserts the token into a token acceptor and the barrier gate will open to allow the patron to leave.

This front load, dual hopper, floor model machine is designed to accept cash or credit cards to dispense tokens and is well suited for flat rate parking applications when used with our Model 305 token station. It holds up to a 24,000 token capacity. Included in this model are a large, backlit LCD Instruction Screen with 4 programmable selections, a receipt and audit printer, a $1 Coin/Quarter Acceptor, and a Light-Up Marquee

The EPS Token Controller is a high quality economical access control device. The controller accepts only tokens and will reject coins. To combine monthly (contract parking) with token operation, a card reader can be added, either at the factory or in the field.