Engineered Parking Systems


Parking Exit Pass System

(Visitor Exit Pass System)

This system is ideal for applications requiring controlled access of visitors in a parking facility. The system is an alternative to "tokens". The timed exit pass requires that the visitor leave within the time allowed by the validation printer or the pass will expire. If an expired pass is inserted into the exit pass verifier, an LCD display on the verifier will instruct the driver to return to the parking attendant.

1. At the entrance lane, the patron takes a ticket from the TD6030P or TD7000 ticket machine causing the model 301 gate to raise allowing entry to the parking facility.

2. When the patron is ready leave the facility, they present the entry ticket to an attendant. The attendant inserts the entry ticket into an MV-2020ET exit pass (validation) printer and a new bar code is printed on the ticket. This ticket will be used to exit the parking lot. The expiration time is set by dip switches on the MV-2020ET.
3. At the exit lane, the patron inserts the validated ticket into an EXP-1010, XV-2020 or XP-2020 exit pass verifier to raise the model 301 gate allowing them to exit. If the exit pass has expired, the LCD display on the exit verifier will instruct the patron to return to an attendant to have the ticket validated again.